Luciferian Lunacy

David Farrant

David Farrant aka Allan Farrow (Muswell Hill, London), twice divorced, not in a relationship, claims up until 1982 to have been a practitioner of witchcraft, but has subsequently been regarded by his Luciferian friends such as Jean-Paul Bourre and Marcos Drake to be a Luciferian.

Farrant posing at his black magic altar with the Devil’s image.

Farrant captioned as a Luciferian on French television.

Farrant having a drink with John Pope in November 1973.

John Pope, once the head of the United Temples of Satan, and a self-styled successor of Aleister Crowley, supports ritual human sacrifice, but settles for animal sacrifice. David Farrant has claimed as far back as 1973 to support animal sacrifice in the Hornsey Journal, 28 September 1973 and Hornsey Journal, 31 August 1973. In the latter he stated when interviewed by Roger Simpson: “Hundreds of years ago a naked virgin would have been sacrificed, but obviously we couldn’t do that now so we had to have an animal for the important ritual.”

David Farrant’s close friend since December 1979, Jean-Paul Bourre, a self-proclaimed Luciferian, also has a predilection for killing defenceless animals, usually in deserted graveyards, to fulfill the depraved requirements of a satanic ceremony. Bourre can be seen doing so on a French television programme at this link:

Jean-Paul Bourre’s Bourre’s Luciferian friend Marcos Drake interviewed David Farrant on French television. The interview can be seen at this link:

What do we know about their brand of Luciferianism? David Farrant informs us in a magazine article called “Witch Report” (Penthouse [UK], Vol. 8, No. 8, 1973, page 19): “Satanists worship Lucifer, the supreme power of evil, whereas witchcraft is a neutral thing — it’s only evil if practised for an evil purpose.” Like several of his Luciferian acquaintances, Jean-Paul Bourre amongst them, David Farrant, who has stated that he abandoned witchcraft in 1982, describes himself as someone who “accepts Lucifer as an important deity” and that he “worships Lucifer.” His words can be heard on The Devil’s Fool CD (Gothic Press) which comprises thirty-two interview extracts of David Farrant.

And what of Jean-Paul Bourre? Farrant is quite explicit in his earliest self-published pamphlet from which the photograph and caption, below, appear. According to Farrant, his longstanding friend Jean-Paul Bourre is “a leading Satanist” and in the picture Bourre is seen attempting “to invoke the Devil.”

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